How Dance Can Make You Look Sexy

If you are looking for a way to boost your confidence and feel more sexy and attractive, there’s no better way to achieve this than by taking dance classes. If you’ve danced before, you’ll know how easy it is to get lost in the music and rhythm of the dance. Dance classes are an immersive experience that work in many ways to increase self-confidence and sexiness. Today we will discover how dancing can stimulate all of the senses and why you should consider adding dance classes into your weekly routine for a confidence boost.

Learn to Move in a Sexy Way

One of the best things about dance is that it can help anyone to transform the way they move in their daily life. Any style of dance involves using your whole body, and you’ll learn to move gracefully and have good posture. Posture is one of the key indicators of confidence, and we all know how attractive it is to look and feel confident. You’ll find the benefits of dance soon transfer into other areas of your life, and you’ll feel much more comfortable in your body and how you look thanks to your dance classes.

Dance involves using every muscle in your body, from learning how to control your arms to tightening and toning your butt and legs. It’s an all-over workout that leaves you with greater control of your body. At Zayna Dance, we love to show our students the benefits of dance and how it can transform your life. Zoe Liting, the Founder and Art Director of Zayna Dance, is an instructor and choreographer of belly dance and incorporates this style with other dance genres. Within just a few classes, most students notice a difference in their body and the control they have over it.

Connect With Other People

Whether you want to try dancing with a partner or simply let loose with a group of friends, dancing can help you feel more confident and sexy when connecting with other people. Certain types of dance work to attract a partner, and they have elements of romance and intimacy within their choreography. Dancing with members of your class can also help boost your confidence, as you support each other to look and feel good while performing. When watching Zayna’s popular Ladies In The Jazz Troupe, you can see the support and confidence each member of the troupe gives to one another.

Dance Can Help You Lose Weight

One of the biggest reasons for not feeling sexy is a lack of confidence in your body shape or size. Finding a form of exercise that brings you joy is so important and can help you on your weight loss journey. Zayna Dance’s BellyFit classes are such an enjoyable way to add exercise into your life, and you’ll have so much fun during this one-hour class that you’ll forget you are even working out in the first place. While we believe there’s more to dance classes than just trying to lose weight, many people notice this as a by-product of regularly attending classes. If you are looking to feel more confident in swimwear this summer, dance is a great way to help you achieve that. I’m sure you’ve admired the toned and fit bodies of dancers, and with hard work, there’s no reason you can’t achieve that look too.

Stress Relief

One of the reasons many of us no longer look or feel sexy is purely due to the stress of our day-to-day lives. The last thing on most of our minds is trying to dress up and look attractive, but it’s so important that we make an effort to look our best from time to time. Dancing is one of the best forms of stress relief there is, and you’ll find that after an hour or so in the studio, you’ll forget all of your worries and fears from the outside world. Unlike other forms of exercise, dance revolves around the music, and you’ll lose yourself in the beat of each song you dance to. We also love that many of our students choose to wear a stylish new outfit to class from time to time. While this is completely optional, a lot of dance clothing can help to make you feel more confident in your body and it gives you the chance to try something new.

If you are looking to feel more attractive and sexy this year, why not come and give one of our dance classes a go? Zoe Liting is a professional dancer, instructor and choreographer, and with many years of experience teaching adults and children, you’ll be in great hands during her dance classes in Penang, Malaysia. Zoe teaches her classes at Zayna Dance both physically and virtually, and you’ll love the dynamic and innovative style of each session. Experience a class with Zoe today, and you’ll walk away feeling sexier and more self-confident than ever before.

Popular Types of Dance in Asia

In every country, certain styles of dance are more popular than others, and this varies dramatically around the world. Throughout Asia, there are many popular dance styles, and these change between countries. Dance gives individuals the chance to express their personality and share their culture with the world. Today, we will look at the most popular types of dance in Asia, so you can select a style that appeals to you for your next dance class.

Folk Dance

Folk dance is popular throughout the continent and varies between each country. With such unique cultures across Asia, folk dance gives each country the chance to share its history and stories of its people. Folk dance acts as a means of expression and reflects the society and lives of the people in that country. Most of these dances in Asia offer mesmerizing performances and often involve colorful costumes and props. Each routine works to share a story with intricate hand gestures and footwork. Folk dance is ideal for anyone who loves to express their feelings and emotions and is often passed through generations within families and countries.

Belly Dancing

Here at Zayna Dance, we are extremely passionate about belly dance. While its routes stem from Europe and the Middle East, this popular dance form is a great way to keep fit and have fun. Belly dancing classes can now be found throughout Asia, and this style celebrates the woman’s body and its femininity. Belly dancing has evolved over the years, and different teachers and classes will incorporate other artistic elements. This style focuses on the hips and torso but uses every part of your body to create a fluid and hypnotic performance. At Zayna Dance, we offer Junior Belly Dance classes and also have a BellyFit class within our timetable. BellyFit is a well-rounded workout that offers cardio, toning and stretching within one class. It’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels and is one of the easiest ways to add dance to your life.

Bollywood Dance

Heading over to India, Bollywood dance is the most popular style in this country. This energetic and vibrant dance style is often seen in Hindi films and has now spread around the world. The most popular and well-known styles are Bhangra and Garba, but they are often combined with other types of dance to create a fusion of styles. There are both classical and folk dances to learn, and each represents various traditions within the Indian culture. Bollywood dance is fascinating to watch and is one of the most dynamic styles in the world.


No list of popular dance styles in Asia would be complete without mentioning ballet. Many dancers consider ballet the foundation of their training, and the discipline and technique of this dance form can easily be applied to other styles. You’ll find ballet schools and companies across Asia, and it’s particularly popular in China and Japan. Ballerinas are known for their grace and athleticism, and it’s a demanding style for any performer.

Modern Dance

The founder of Zayna Dance, Zoe Liting, started her dance journey at the age of seven, and modern jazz formed the basis of her training at a young age. This is a varied and exciting style and is often favored by individuals looking to enter into the world of musical theater. Zoe’s performing arts class takes inspiration from modern jazz, and this style involves dancing to a whole host of musical genres. Modern jazz dance is known for its athletic and challenging nature, and good musicality and a dynamic performance are key for success in this style.

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dance is popular throughout the world, and South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are particularly passionate about this dance form. Ballroom has received a lot of attention in recent years thanks to television competitions. You’ll find this style is split into two categories – Latin and standard or smooth ballroom. Popular dances include the tango, waltz, samba, and salsa. While it’s often seen in its competitive form, ballroom is also a fun way to keep fit or connect with your partner.

Whatever style of dance most appeals to you, you’ll love joining in classes with Zoe Liting at Zayna Dance in Penang, Malaysia. Zoe offers a wide range of classes and services and loves teaching adults and children of all ages. Students who have joined her coaching classes have received many first place awards and prizes in competitions. She is passionate about the medium and various dance styles and loves sharing this art form with her students. Don’t hesitate to contact Zayna Dance today for more information and to learn about which class would be best for you. Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, we know you’ll have fun in any of the classes at Zayna Dance.

Why Dance is the Best Sport

At Zayna Dance, we believe dance is the best sport for children and adults alike, and it can completely transform someone’s life. If you are looking for a new way to keep active and fit this year, we highly recommend giving dance classes a try. These are just a few of the top reasons why dance is the best sport and why you should start taking classes if you aren’t already.

A Full Body Experience

While many sports and exercise classes focus on one body part, dance offers participants the chance to use every muscle in their body. From your fingertips down to your toes, you’ll engage your whole body in each class and move you make. Whether you are looking to dance to keep fit or are passionate about pursuing the art form further, you’ll find that you enjoy a complete workout with every class. At Zayna Dance, we offer Junior Belly Dance and BellyFit classes. While many people believe this dance style is all about the belly, that’s only one element of the practice. Your arms and legs are involved in every movement, which is how we create the elegant and mesmerizing look of belly dancing.

Individuality is Welcomed

Many sports are extremely rigid in their style and offer limited space for personalization or to express your individuality. You may find you are expected to dress or act a certain way, with little leeway to show off your personal style and share your emotions. Dance is the complete opposite of most sports, and you’ll find you are free to be yourself in every class. Zoe Liting, the founder of Zayna Dance, will teach you the basic techniques you need to know to get started but uses dynamic and innovative choreography in every one of her classes. Dance is all about expressing your emotions, and it’s one of the few sports where we get the chance to share how we feel within the movement.

Many Styles to Choose From

With most sports, you are limited to one style or discipline. If you don’t enjoy that activity, you will either want to stop doing it or have to force yourself to keep going. With dance, you’ll find dozens of styles to choose from. If you don’t enjoy one style of dance, you don’t have to give up, and instead, you can find something that suits your personality and musical tastes better. This is one reason why dance really is for everyone, and whether you want to try belly dance, a performing arts class, or modern dance, there’s a class for you at Zayna Dance. Each class you attend will be different from the last, so you’ll never find yourself bored or stuck in the routine of performing the same movements over and over again. Dance challenges individuals and stimulates their body and mind, thanks to how ever-changing its classes are.

Dance Can Be an Individual or a Team Sport

Dance can be enjoyed anywhere and by anyone, and unlike many other sports, you don’t have to rely on other people to participate. This is one of the most common reasons for people not exercising, but you don’t need anyone to find a dance class near you. Here at Zayna Dance, we strive to create a welcoming environment at the dance studio. Zoe Liting, the Art Director of Zayna Dance, welcomes children and adults to her classes and loves sharing her passion with everyone who attends. She also understands the benefits of dancing with others and is the lead dancer and trainer of the Ladies In The Jazz Troupe, a Belly Fusion Troupe. After joining a class by yourself, you’ll soon be welcomed by the other class members and will make new friends you’ll enjoy dancing with for years to come.

You’ll Never Be Bored

With dance, you’ll never be bored. You aren’t performing the same routine to the same song over and over again, so there’s always something new and exciting. With new music constantly being released and new dance styles and routines becoming popular, your body and mind will be challenged in every class you attend. While you may spend time learning a new routine in a class, you’ll never stop working your body during that time. Other sports involve stopping and waiting for your turn, but with dance, you’ll enjoy moving throughout the class.

Zayna Dance offers a wide variety of classes in Penang, Malaysia, with a varied timetable for adults and children. If it’s your first time attending a class, you may also want to consider an individual or group private session first. With many years of experience as a professional dancer and instructor, you’ll be in good hands when you attend a class with Zoe at Zayna Dance. You’ll soon see why dance is the best sport, and you’ll enjoy adding this dynamic form of exercise into your weekly routine.