Jacqueline Hng

Her love of dance began in 2016 with some belly dance classes, and started her journey in belly dancing by participating in video recording and also performances in Malaysia. With the spiritual and interest towards belly dance since childhood, she began her study and learn various  styles include Oriental, Folkloric, Fusion, etc under the guidance of her belly dance teacher Zoe Liting. She is keen in exploring and learning more about Oriental Dance to bring her up to the next level.

Nicole Cheah

She has been belly dancing for 4 years. Has won the Excellent Award 2nd Place in Junior C Solo category in Malaysia World Oriental Dance Arts Festival and Excellent award in Junior Fusion Solo category in Malaysia World Oriental Dance Arts Festival respectively.

Rou-Jiee Yeap

She has 12 years of experience in belly dancing. She started to learn traditional and modern belly dancing at her age of five. In 2016, she started to learn belly dancing with her teacher Zoe Liting, and in the same year began to actively participate in numerous international & local belly dance competitions. She has also achieved many outstanding results in various dance competitions.

Lee Zi Qian

She started her belly dance journey when she was 9.  She started to learn various styles of belly dancing with Ms. Zoe in 2018. Won Junior Troupe Top 8 at Malaysia World Oriental Arts Festival 2018 under tutelage of Zoe Liting.  

May Lau

She is a dancer who has many years of experience in performing and competing in local and international. Besides dancing, she was also actively participating in pageant. Former Miss Ipoh Earth in 2015. May had started her dancing journey since 15 years old. She was a cheerleader and modern Jazz dancer when she was at 15. Subsequently, she started to form a group with her seniors and did numerous of dance performance and competition. May Lau started her belly dance journey since 2014. Won multi awards in belly dance competitions (IDK KL International Dance Asia Championship 2016 , Crystal Dancespot Championship 2016,  Malaysia World Oriental Arts Festival 2016 -Troupe Champion,  Miss Bellydance Competition 2019 - Second runner Professional Troupe). Her very first belly dance teacher was Ms. Sophia, thereafter Ms. Brancy. May is now continuing her belly dance journey with Ms. Zoe in Penang. She felt lucky and grateful that she has such a good teacher in Penang.

Chan Yng Yee

She started belly dancing journey in 2015 with zero dancing background, and has been learning from Ms Zoe since then. In the meantime, she has attended workshops by Masters from all over the world, organised in Malaysia and other countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Ukraine. She has also joined Journey Through Egypt by Sahra Kent, who teaches about Egyptian’s history in folkloric dance. 

Zoe Liting

Founder and principal of Zayna Dance. Also, lead dancer and trainer Ladies In The Jazz Troupe, Zayna Oriental/Folk Dance Troupe. Zoe has started her dance journey at the tender age of 7, and slowly ventured into belly dancing in 2006, under the tutelage of Conny Lim till 2010 and Percy Yeoh thereafter, self-ventured and started to conduct belly dance lessons since 2010. Besides belly dance, she is also a versatile and dynamic dancer technically trained in Modern Jazz (CSTD) under Ng Kai Beng of K&T Dance Academy. Vast exposure of workshops and training from master teachers around the world.  Zoe was trained under International Oriental Dance Teacher Allicance – SEA by the 3 of South East Asia’s leading teachers – Sherlyn Koh (Malaysia), Darren Ho (Singapore) & Christine Yaven (Indonesia). Lately, she also attended Journey Through Egypt (JTE) course conducted by world-renowned Sahra C Kent, which bringing her towards professional level in Oriental Dance. She has also participated in local and international level competitions. Winning multi-awards in many competitions. Also, she has been invited to be in panel judges of oriental dance competitions locally and overseas. These few years, Zoe taught instructional and competitive lessons to students ages 10 to adults. In addition of her dance teaching to children and adults over the years, those students under her coaching have been receiving numerous first place awards and excellent prizes in competitions. Her loves and passion for the art are equal to the loves she has for her students.